Photography project V: Photos for teaching speaking and writing

It is the fifth post of its kind aiming to promote the use of photos in ELT. The photos can serve the multiple uses in our classes such as writing (paragraph/essay writing, story writing etc.), speaking (conversation, describing photos etc.) and other kinds of group/ peer works. In this project V, we share the interesting photos of Choutari editor Jeevan Karki and Babita Sharma Chapagain. 

I’m very thirsty: a child in rural village attacks the tap as the tap runs out of water. Photo: Anonymous
In the search of food: a monkey is searching its food near by the dust pit in a park. © Jeevan Karki
Save environment: teachers and kids planting in a pre-school in Kathmandu. © Babita Sharma
On the stage: Children performing a drama on the stage in a pre-school in Kathmandu. © Babita Sharma
Time to sow: children learning to plant paddy seedlings as a part of experiential learning in a pre-school in Kathmandu. © Babita Sharma

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