Critical Literacy Teaching Resources (This link will take you to some useful resources for teaching “critical literacy” on Bal Krishna Sharma’s blog)

Textbooks from NepalCollected by Professor Kathryn March at Cornell University

Globalization and Language TeachingBook edited by D. Block and D. Cameron

Language Learning Strategies in Independent SettingsBook edited by S. Hurd and T. Lewis

An Introduction to CDA in Education: Book edited by R. Rogers

Discourse Strategies: Book by J. Gumperz

Consequences of Modernity: Book by Anthony Giddens

Handbook of Intercultural Communication: Book edited by K. Knapp and G. Anto

Dangerous Liaison: Globalization, Empire and TESOL: a book chapter by B. Kumaravadivelu

Internet and English Language Teaching: a book chapter by V. Kourtis-Kazoullis and E. Skourtou

English, no longer a foreign language in Europe? : a book chapter by R. Phillipson

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