ELT Blogs, Discussions

 -By Bal Krishna Sharma
Please read this blog entry written by me referring to the above blogs.

2 thoughts on “ELT Blogs, Discussions

  1. Dear Bal Krishna Sir,
    I was in search of the personal blogs by professional personalities for a long and I had not found any of them. Due to the NeltaChoutari, I am able to quench the thirst of reading such blogs. It has proved for me like the popular Nepali proverb, “While searching a stone, the God is found.” I have really received an unexpected and beneficial information from the Choutari, which itself is a blog.

    I would cordially thank NeltaChoutari and especially Bal Krishna Sir, the editor of March Issue and author of the Professional Values of Personal Blogs for making such precious information available on the Choutari. I am so excited and pleased to get them.


  2. A wonderful collection!
    To benefit higher, to be more professional!!
    Just at our will we can make a comfortable selection!
    To feel the right pulse of ELT, our visit to them must be often, not occasional!!

    Thank you so much!!!

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