Do you know why “they” are “there”?: Professional value of personal blogs

Bal Krishna Sharma

They are here because of several reasons.

Blogs have become an effective platform to share personal as well as professional ideas. I had my personal blog two years ago and I have found it as a space to communicate to a larger audience. Traditionally, people used to introduce themselves with their name, ethnicity, parents’ names and their occupations, etc. In this increasingly globalized world, the trend has changed and these traditional ways of constructing identities have become less important.

As a language teacher, what can you learn from personal blogs of people who are involved in the ELT profession? Ideally, you can learn these people’s’ biographies, interests, works and publications as well as their reflections on their teaching and research. Most of them give good resources for teaching and learning of English that you can either download or copy for your purpose. Here, I list some “good” blogs by ELT professionals, researchers and linguists, and I leave it up to you regarding what you can learn from them. Among them are people like David Crystal, Jeremmy Harmer, and Ken Wilson. Don’t forget to leave your feedback.

Click on, and navigate what they offer to you.

1 thought on “Do you know why “they” are “there”?: Professional value of personal blogs

  1. With hearty thanks to Bal Krishna Sir, what I wish to express here is that it is really a wonderful March Gift to those who are in search of the closeness to such dignified scholars through their blogs. If professionals have their personal blogs attached to what they have devoted themselves to, it is no more personal, but professional to many more learners like me. I will certainly visit and make the most of them so that I could get diverse visions useful even for my thesis attempt.
    And, THEY are THERE just for us to have an easy access to their treasures!
    Thank you once again, sir!

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