ELT in Nepal

This page contains annotated links and introductions to significant ELT-related publications, websites, and other resources that are locally produced in Nepal.

Journal of NELTA: First published in 1996 and fully peer reviewed from 2009, this is the flagship journal of Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA), an organization to which Choutari’s editors and most of the writers and readers belong (or are “well wishers” of). You can download past issues of the journal from Nepjo–http://nepjol.info/index.php/NELTA–or from the “Journals” tab on NELTA’s official site at http://nelta.org.np. Here is some more intro from the journal’s wiki site linked above: “…This journal has been an integral part of NELTA’s mission for ‘enhancing the quality of English language teaching and learning through professional networking, supporting and collaboration’. It is also a means towards achieving NELTA’s goal of providing a ‘forum for exchanges of ideas and experiences at national, regional and international levels’. This peer-reviewed and refereed journal accepts contributions from authors both home and abroad as long as the articles provide substantial contribution to its readers. Authors can submit their articles only through emails at: neltajournal@gmail.com.”

Journal of Nepalese Linguistics: Journal of Nepalese Linguistics is an annual journal which publishes articles, research reports and book reviews of works related to Himalayan linguistics with focus on the languages of Nepal. The editorial board was formed in 1980 following the establishment of the Linguistic Society of Nepal in 1979. The journal serves as a forum for students and scholars, both Nepalese and foreign, to publish material on their on-going research that have been previously presented and critically discussed at the Linguistic Society of Nepal conference held each year on the last week of November. The journals are available in PDF files and one can access and download them freely.

Digital Himalaya: The Digital Himalaya is a project designed to develop digital collection, storage and distribution strategies for multimedia anthropological information from the Himalayan region. This project was designed by Alan Macfarlane and Mark Turin as a strategy for archiving and making available ethnographic materials from the Himalayan region. Based at the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, the project was established in December 2000. From 2002 to 2005, the project moved to the Department of Anthropology at Cornell University and began its collaboration with the University of Virginia. From August 2011, Digital Himalaya is collocated at Cambridge and Yale Universities. It has a collection of Census of NepalChristoph von Fürer-HaimendorfFilmsJournalsMapsMusicNaga Videodisc and DatabaseRare BooksThak ArchiveThangmi Archive and Frederick Williamson.

Linguistic Diversity and the Preservation of Endangered Languages

Diversity and Endangerment of Languages in Nepal

Contributions to the Nepalese Studies

Multilingualism and the Language Situation in Nepal

The Language Situation in Nepal

Language Planning in Nepal, Taiwan and Sweden

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  1. I need some reference articles for a resesarch on the topic of ‘Challenges of ICT Integration in EFL classroom’ in Nepal. If there is the resources, kindly request to provide some of them.

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