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Yes, you can contribute to Nepal’s first ELT web magazine. Whether you are an English teacher or ELT professional of another type, whether you are from Nepal or somewhere else in the world, your thoughts and ideas will add to the quality and diversity of this conversation.

Here are the major ways in which you can contribute to the conversation:

1. COMMENT ON A POST. Click on the “comment” link at the top or bottom of posts and share a thought (we’ll approve it ASAP).

2. SHARE A POST ON YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK. Click on the “share” link under any article and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, or print it for someone who has limited internet access.

3. LIKE WHAT YOU READ, JOIN US ON FACEBOOK. You can click on the “like” button under any post (no Facebook login needed) to let us know you enjoyed reading it (this will encourage writers). You can also like this blog with the Facebook widget on right, as well as go to our Facebook page from there.

4. CONTRIBUTE A NEW ENTRY. To submit a new blog entry of your own, send it to neltachoutari@ gmail.com. We will help you improve your writing before publishing your entry, if necessary. 

5. JOIN CHOUTARI MORE ACTIVELY. If you’d like to take advantage of our professional development opportunities through Choutari, please review the pages under “Choutari Projects” above. You can attend workshops, ask for a writing mentor, and ask to join the editorial team if you can have time and energy/dedication for creating professional development opportunities for the Nepali ELT community (as well as for yourself).

We hope that you will join us in different ways: commenting, liking, subscribing, sharing, submitting new entries, and so on. Thank you in advance for your time!

Editorial Team, ELT Choutari

30 thoughts on “Ways to Join Us

  1. though late i am also a member of this platform

    we are also happy to host nelta conference here in small heaven school!!!

  2. This is how we can grow professionally upgrading ourselves by sharing what we have experienced in the same fields and commenting and getting ours commented and corrected.
    Let’s grow together!

  3. Going through different responses posted by different ELT aspirants gives something different taste. That is what I have been doing for some time.The responses and comments are short in most of the cases and it takes less amount of time to read, this may be one of the reasons behind my interest in reading the comments.

    The comments are encouraging and they really provide encouragement and feedback on the contributors and the editors of NeltaChoutari especially. I do suggest my friends, colleagues and my senior teachers at my circle to visit the professional blog of NELTA “NeltaChouatri” (www.neltachoutari.wordpress.com) and ask them to post some comments after going through some article. I would like to suggest my respected colleagues and teachers to inform and encourage other readers to visit the blog. The Choutari has unlimited space, they can have space for discussion as well.

    One alone cannot do anything but we together can do many things on a blog. Let’s join our hands together to promote it.

  4. Infact, the NELTA Chautari has created a platform where ELT experts and practioners can share their experiences and knowledge through their write-ups that can be beneficial to ELT students, teachers and general readers. I always suggest my students and colleagues to log on the website of the Chautari.

  5. Attending the 18th NELTA Conference was rejuvenating experience for me.I got to share my experience as a university teacher in Bangladesh with practitioners of ELT.


    Deal All,

    Thank you for the writings you have sent us for publication on this blog. It is really highly appreciable that you are all keen on making contributions through a variety of posts. And, we hope for the same spirit from you all forever. Now I find it very crucial to request you for the following steps –

    1. Please send your email ID along with your writing, so that we can ask you immediately what to do further.
    2. Don’t write something like a formal stuff merely based on theories or something like a reflective essay.
    3. Write or rewrite the piece in the language of blogging, focusing on a theme whose practical applications the readers can more easily see.

    We have been collecting articles for the next issue. We hope for more from you all!

    Since the April issue was mainly focused on creative writing and there were several posts on it, we apologize that we could not publish several posts in the issue. We will try our best to publish them in the next issue.

    Anticipating your being in touch!

    Suresh Shrestha
    April Issue

  7. Dear Well-wishers,

    Let me thank you all for your strong interest in NELTA Choutari and willingness to make remarkable contributions. It is our immense pleasure to publish your invaluable blog article in different issues. In spite of our great desire, we feel saddened to be unable to publish all that we receive in a particular issue. Moreover, sometimes, the issues are theme-based and we do have to select the entries accordingly. Anyway, we are trying honestly to publish the pending articles as soon as possible. Hope you understand our ‘limitations’, and continue to support us as good, readers, contributors and commenters.

    Wish you all great time on the auspicious occasions of the festive days!

    Suresh Shrestha
    On behalf of NELTA Choutari

  8. really this is amazing…..it’s awesome story..I am very thankful to NELTA, which is helping me to become more creative through different activities including blogging/NeltaChoutari.

  9. It’s been a right platform for the teachers who are keenly interested to learn English language skill, especially expressing and sharing the experiences of the Teaching career
    and sharing the learning. I like it.

  10. Its a very useful site on the internet… It is better to include useful tips for those who are teaching in schools. If it can,it should provide some useful information which are applicable in teaching learning….. Thank u..

  11. i read every blog of this ELT Choutari. it is very useful for those people who are going to prepare TSC Exams and also useful to us who are going to publish some articles in international journals. so, i appreciate the team of ELT Choutari and its editor. thank you very much for your help.

  12. Dear sir, It’s me Shiv Raj Paudel from Chautara Multiple Campus, Sindhupalchok. I am assisting to the master as well bachelor level students of English. I want to be a part of this Chautari. So, what are the processes to be involved with this Chautari.
    Thanks and regards
    Shiv Raj Paudel
    Chautara M. Campus,
    Dep. of English

  13. Its really a precious platform for those who want to contribute something by publishing their views related to English Language Teaching and real classroom. Similarly, it has also become a means for the teachers to adopt innovative ideas and march ahead in the realm of English Language Teaching.

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