NeltaChoutari Anniversary Issue (January 2010): “Nepalese ELT Professional Networking on the Web”

Happy new year 2010!!! Here is the first Anniversary issue (January 2010) of NeltaChoutari professional networking. This issue contains the following items:

1. NeltaChoutari’s past journey and future directions

2. An interview with NELTA President- Mr. Ganga Ram Gautam

3. Teachers’ anecdotes and stories

4. Need for ELT Survey in Nepal‘ (originally published in The Rising Nepal by Sajan Karn)

5. Some Humor: Global English in Use

1 thought on “NeltaChoutari Anniversary Issue (January 2010): “Nepalese ELT Professional Networking on the Web”

  1. Wonderful work! New vision, new mission, new resolution and new look in new year. I am eagerly waiting to read the interview with the President on the NELTA journey of professional networking through digital devices. The initiative that started a year ago was no doubt pioneering and historic in the Nepalese ELT landscape in that digital intervention has brought revolutionary changes in education in general and ELT in particular throuh out the the universe and there is no reason Nepal should remain underpriviledged. In order for NELTA to leap forward in the days to come which is bound to be more networked, it seems obligatory to equip its members with digital tools on the one hand and promote the higher level mission “NELTA on the Web” officially on the other.
    May NELTA choutari be able to provide shade to many more ELT professionals home and abroad in the year 2010!

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