February ’10 Fun Stuff

a. Serious Fun: here is an extremely inspiring video of a talk given to the online video archive of inspiring speakers of the world at ted.com. The speaker is an Indian scholar and politician, Shashi Tharoor, who explains how soft power–the power of culture, education and technology, and the image a society builds of itself in the world–is going to determine which society leads the world in the new century. This made me think that Nepal must and can also redefine its identity from being the country of tourist guides and imprisoned child goddess to the country of intellectuals who influence the global knowledge market. video opens in a new window.

b. Fun for English Teacher website: if you are a tired teacher who wants to take a break on the web, or a teacher who needs some fun stuff for class, this site has a collection of funny things about the English language. Happy fun English browsing!

c. Meaning depends on context: How many of the humorous signs listed on this web page do you understand–well, do you have to think twice or carefully before you laugh or smile?

d. Finally, here’s an interesting (actually serious) YouTube video if your internet speed is okay. It’s about a dying teacher who inspired many people.

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