Teacher as a Reader

compiled by Santona Neupane

My learning accelerated as I learnt to read and more I read, more I understood, more I understood more I found my horizons expanding. As my horizon expanded, I realized that I could impart my knowledge and experience to others. My learning was aided by reading and I believe as I teach, my teaching will be aided by my reading. A teacher is first a reader than only a teacher. Here are the views of the two teachers and a learner on a teacher as a reader: 

Saroj Mandal:

Teachers help students to get knowledge for the fulfillment of their needs, desires, wishes etc. in their life. So, one can say they totally depend on their teachers. Students always learn from elders not because elders are always right but because they have more experiences of being wrong. Elders express their ideas, thoughts, opinions etc. through various literary forms. Among them one of the effective forms is print like newspapers, magazines, books, articles, poems, stories, essays, novels etc. More teachers will be in touch with these sources, they will have more practical and up to date knowledge which they can use in their profession. If teachers are good readers then not only can they recommend some reading materials to their students but they can also be mediator between students and the writers. Without teachers recommendation students may select inappropriate reading items which can demotivate them or lead them to a wrong paths. That’s why teacher needs to be a good reader as well.

Pabitra Gurung:

It was the color that attracted me
the amazing sounds
the heterogeneous meanings
that I was amused by

I was mistaken by the comics
blindfolded by the text
irritated by the comprehension
I hated and rejected because of exams

happy, encouraged, excited for the first class
struck by some new words I gasped
hurriedly looked into the dictionary
WHAT!!! I already knew it

continued the text, so many words,
already read but never had thought

now on more than 100th books,
teacher has a very less new word look
“you are confused, read the sentence
UNDERSTAND, don’t be amused”

Teachers know everything, yes they should and must,
no, teachers are human not gods,
I doubt,
if you are teaching then you should know,
or teach the level you can help them grow

I am a teacher and I am proud
I read because I have to make my knowledge sprout

Read then you understand your child,
Read then you love into the wild,
Read then there won’t be new words,
Read then you speak your guts,
Read then you will understand the world
Read then you will understand you

It’s better if you are reader then teacher
but when you are reader,
you won’t be a teacher,
you are facilitator or creator,
if you are teacher and reader,
you are satisfied and happiness transmit
you are knowledgeable and the learned one
whom all understand as the case already done

Jiwan Subedi:

He took out a notebook from his back pocket and dictated his lecture of the day. It did not take long for the class to decipher that the data he provided was ten years old. The notebook was in tatters. This was a lecture in the first week of my University. We stopped attending the Professor’s lectures. A decade back, he had switched into being a one-way organism that had stopped taking in and only gave out information and ideas. They said, he had become a Professor with promising credentials, and was then an embodiment of excellence. The person had changed when he stopped reading; the once-stellar brain received nothing to process and fell into disuse. 

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