Impact of NeltaChoutari on Nepalese ELT

When NeltaChoutari was started five years ago, we gave it the tagline: “Nepalese ELT Practitioners meet the world”. As we make the fifth year’s milestone, we greet our readers with the voices of our readers. We present the voices of our colleagues who have read and joined the conversation on Choutari, and thereby translated knowledge, skills and resources from the blog to their workplaces and other venues of professional development. Through NeltaChoutari, Neplese ELT practitioners have not only met the world but also grown together promoting professional conversation and building local scholarship in line with the vision of NELTA. For this post, Ashok Raj Khati, one of our regular contributors, talked to five audience members (3 from outside Kathmandu valley and 2 from Kathmandu University) and collected these voices that largely represent the impact of NeltaChoutari on Nepalese ELT.

Kishor Parajuli

Narendra Singh Dhami

Manita Karki



Rajan Poudel

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