A very warm greetings to you all from Nelta Choutari team.

As you know, Choutari in Nepali refers to the place where people take rest and invigorate themselves with a breath of fresh air. Since Choutari  is an open space to discuss and transfer knowledge and ideas, it also behooves as an equal footing  to solve social disputes and problems- thus providing a judicial aura. In Nelta Choutari, we invigorate our minds and hone our skills in English Language teaching. Through the help of our write ups, we share the problems that we face while teaching and try to figure out possible solutions through the help of ongoing dialogue.

This issue of Nelta Choutari  contains a lot of important information which are directly associated with our way of teaching, our way of perceiving things and other facets of education system. I hope this issue will be able to build on our past issues and create a virtual choutari for all of us to churn out our raw ideas and hunches.

This issue contains four write-ups. In the first article, Laxman Gnawali, Associate Professor of Kathmandu University,  shares his experience of a recent professional (Liverpool) visit. In the second post, Dinesh Thapa, Asst. Secretary, NELTA Lalitpur, raises issues related to teaching learning process by reflecting on his own practices.  Umes Shrestha shares his perspectives regarding error analysis along with back up of pertinent data from his mini research in the third post. Last but by no means least, Manita Karki shares her experiences regarding action research and how it can be used as a tool for professional development. I hope that the readers will find the varied content of this issue interesting.

Here is  the table of contents for convenient navigation:

IATEFL 2013 Liverpool: My Experience  by Laxman Gnawali

The English Teacher: Where Is The Shoe Pinching? by Dinesh Thapa

ERROR ANALYSIS – Third Person Singular Subject-Verb Agreement by Umes Shrestha

Action Research for EFL Teacher’s Professional Development by Manita Karki

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the contributors including the Choutari Team for their support and contribution. Thank you all for your enduring effort and involvement in Nelta Choutari, and we anticipate more contributions for the next issue, which will highlight the local pedagogies even more. Please keep sharing with us  new ideas which you think can make Choutari better.

We always welcome your constructive response to make our publications more reader friendly but at the same time not devoid of hot content and pressing issues in ELT. I hope as in the past you will keep the conversation going by providing comments to the recent posts and  by publicizing Choutari to various local and transnational network you have for even broader dialogues.

Enjoy Reading!

Ushakiran Wagle

On behalf of Choutari Team

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