March 2011 Issue- NELTA Conference Special

Dear Colleagues,

We have special issue highlighting the 16th NELTA Conference that took place in Kathmandu from February 18-20 and in Pokhara from  from February 22-23, 2011. We have the following table of contents. Please read and leave your comments.


1.Presidential Address by Laxman Gnawali

2. 16th  International Conference: Highlights by Hemanta Raj Dahal

3. Teaching English in multicultural contexts: more challenges and even more opportunities by Prem Phyak

4. English, multilingualism and cross-culturality by Adrian Holliday

5. Conference reflection by a first time attender by Ushakiran Wagle

6. Letter to the NELTA President by Praveen Yadav

7. Professional value of personal blogs by Bal Krishna Sharma

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