Classroom Humor (Apr 09)

Classroom Humor (Nelta Choutari Apr. 2009)

Interestingly enough, some of these linguistic errors are NOT funny if we consider that they could be elements of the local English where they occurred (most people in the context might understand what is meant).

Don’t use two words where one is enough: as in men’s (male sex). Don’t translate words; translate sentences. (from

It should be any one (separately), otherwise you’d “use” people! (from

It’s all “crap” here (instead of crab). And that’s why phonetics is important. (from


If teaching language is all about grammar, then this lady is gonna be a terrorist in the world of principals.

This is from No, the computer can’t do the thinking for you.

Thinking like you do can re-produce excessive numbers of fools.

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