English Teachers’ New Year Resolutions

Every January first, people all over the world celebrate New Year in many different ways. Making resolutions is one among many things that most people do. A resolution is a promise to change or do something different in the coming year.

People from all walks of life make New Year’s resolutions as it is a common tradition today. In a recent training, we spoke to participant English teachers about their resolutions, hopes and wishes for 2015.

Priyanka Pandey, one of English teachers, talks about her New Year’s resolutions. She hopes to complete her masters’ thesis and build on her vocabulary. 


Another participant, Padam Bahadur Nepali, who teaches English to secondary level students, resolves to explore, learn and practice effective techniques to teach grammar. 


Parista Rai, like Priyanka, wishes to complete her master’s thesis and translate the knowledge from the recent training into practice. 

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As a primary level English teacher at DAV School, Divya Nakarmi, who originally hails from Birgunj, makes New Year’s resolution to make 2015 a memorable year by collecting and developing a lot of materials for different activities of English language learning and teaching.


 Making her classroom more interactive and engaging is New Year’s resolution for Sashi Kyasthya. 


Similarly, Sodhika Dhungana’s New Year resolution is to make the best use of americanenglish.state.gov to learn different techniques to enhance her language skills.


Prajwal Singh Thapa also makes similar New Year’s resolution like others. He wants to exploit the website ‘americanenglish.state.gov‘and get benefit largely.


Attending different teacher training to develop professionalism is one among other New Year’s resolutions  Prasanna Karki makes.


Like Prasanna, Ganesh Kumar Khanal has similar New Year’s resolutions.


Leela Moktan, a student from Janakpur, who is doing her masters from Tribhuvan University, wishes to complete her studies and find a teaching job in 2015 as her New Year’s resolution.


Like all the teachers I spoke to, Yuwaraj Belbase, one of our valued readers, writes on the Facebook of ELT Choutari, his New Year resolution is to implement some innovative and strategic techniques inside and outside the class.

Meanwhile, Umes Shrestha, one of Choutari editors, shared his New Year’s resolutions. He said:

 My new year resolution as a teacher is:

To become better at dealing with teenage students
To practice more to become a better presenter and a public speaker
To explore the concept of entrepreneurship in teaching profession
And, to make a lot of mistakes.

Last but not the least, on behalf of Choutari, my resolution here is to wish all of our valued readers, contributors and well wishers a happy, healthy and productive New Year 2015. May all of our resolutions bear fruit in the year ahead. 

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