Editorial: November Issue

Dear All
In this issue, we have six articles. Although these entries are different in terms of issues, all contributors focus on bottom-up and personalized teaching/learning experience. While Madhav Kafle, reflecting on his own teaching, shares his ambivalent situation by showing the gap between what he preaches about critical pedagogy and how he teaches, Madhu Neupane shares key aspects of effectively running teachers’ associations that she learned from the seminar on strengthening teachers’ associations in Dhaka, Bangaladesh. Focusing on importance of active reading process, Dinesh Dahal discusses how SQPRRS and note taking techniques can help teachers engage students while teaching reading. Likewise, Tara Sapkota describes the ways of teaching listening skills and Sharmila Sitaula analyses whether learning a second language, especially English, is need or preference. Both articles draw on authors’ own lived experiences and provide a critical insight to the respective field. Atma Ram Bhattarai and Praveen Kumar Yadav analyse increasing trend of public schools shifting from Nepali to English medium of instruction in terms of access, quality and governance.

Table of contents
1. Do I teach what I preach? Teacher’s ambivalence, Madhav Kafle
2. Sharing Best Practices:Strengthening teachers’ association in South Asia, Madhu Neupane
3. Making students read in teaching reading: A reflection, Dinesh Dahal
4. … listening then…? Tara Sapkota
5. Learning second language: Need or preference? Sharmila Sitaula
6. At the crossroads: Community schools in Nepal, Atma Ram Bhattarai & Praveen Kumar Yadav

We hope you enjoy reading the articles in this issue.

Prem Phyak
Praveen Kumar Yadava
Editors, Choutari, November Issue, 2012

1 thought on “Editorial: November Issue

  1. Dear Editors,

    Let me first thank you for the nice collection that imparts how teachers are facing the changes and challenges in course of their own bottom-up experiences with respect to their being aware of top-down analyses. It is unavoidable to find the shifts in different areas even within our territory, and it is of great value to share the varied experiences for our critical pedagogical achievements that will help us develop our own insights to handle the situations and accomplish the assigned tasks. Now I do have to reread three more articles to gain their essences
    Thank you once again for the articles you have shared with us!


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