Editorial: September, 2012

– Prem Phyak

Dear valued readers
Welcome to the September-2012 Issue of the NELTAChoutari!

We have four articles and two teacher training/workshop reports for this issue. In his article Janak Raj Panta critically analyzes various issues and challenges of teacher training in Nepal. Based on his conversations with teachers from various districts and his wide range of teacher training experiences, he argues that teacher training organizations lack conceptual clarity and rigor in their programs. Hem Raj Kafle’s article, although not directly related to English language teaching, discusses the meaning of being a teacher. His article informs language teachers in understanding our roles and defining our identities in a society at large. Likewise, Raju Shrestha shares his experiences of working with teachers on the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) program. His article analyses practices and beliefs of teachers on-the-ground. He identifies some major issues for the further improvement of the program. Shyam Sharma shares his experiences of professional growth and his association with NELTA. He also succinctly discusses the roles that NELTA has to play to help teachers develop their academic and professional life.

Finally, Anil Kumar Nidhi and Praveen kumar Yadava report workshops that were organized by NELTA Rautahat and the Center respectively.

Table of contents
1. Janak Raj Panta: Teacher Training in Nepal: Reflection and Realities
2. Hem Raj Kafle: Being a teacher
3. Raju Shrestha: Teachers Professional Development (TPD) Program: Boom or Bane?
4. Shyam Sharma: Growing Together with NELTA
5. Anil Kumar Nidhi: I write, therefore I am: A report
6. Praveen Kumar Yadava: Writing workshop: A report

I hope you enjoy reading these posts for the month.

Prem Phyak
September, 2012 Issue

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