Editorial : NELTA Choutari April Issue

Kamal Poudel

Dear Readers,
Professional conferences can be vanguard of change for a community like ours. If you have been a teacher for some time, you may remember the teaching approaches that you adopted in the early years of your career and how you have refined them over time. The way you think now is the consequence of the change in the time that you have undergone. Knowingly and unknowingly you are changing the patterns of your professional behaviors. You feel the same way in the days to come; no matter you are a novice teacher now. But such changes are possible only when you are charged with the concept of development. The professional development is the key factor to change you and your working pattern. As soon as you believe in the principle professional development, you start feeling to involve yourself in the gathering of teachers where you develop your network and finally you influence and get influenced. You, as a result, always feel the dire need of joining the conferences where people from different parts of the world bring various stories and you also convey your message in the same way.
NELTA organized its 17th International Conference in the month of February. There were teachers and ELT experts/practitioners from more than 22 countries to present and participate in the conference. There were a lot of sharing and discussions among the ELT stakeholders.
We are making this issue a special conference discussion issue. In addition to the reports of the conference, you will enjoy the materials by the three key speakers viz Prof Angi, Prof Malderez Fredricka L. Stoller and Prof Rod Ellis. Please enjoy the brief report of the presentations of various speakers from the different societies in the world. Further, we have articles that address the classroom teaching directly. It is my pleasure to share a report of training that was supported by Kate Miller.

  1. 17th International Conference of NELTA Phase I (Kathmandu)
  2. 17th International Conference of NELTA Phase II (Chitwan)
  3. Summaries of Conference Events 
  4. Three-day Teacher Training in Tanahu and Siraha supported by Kate Miller (a report by Shyam Pandey)
  5. Principles of Instructed Language Learning (by Rod Ellis)–click to open a slide show
  6. The Use of English Words in Teaching ESL in Jaffna (by T.Karunakaran)
  7. Beyond Binaries in Supporting in Teacher Learning: the Vital Role of Mentors (by Angi Malderez)
  8. Stories in ELT (by Angi Malderez)
  9. Project-Based Learning in EFL Classrooms (by Fredricka L. Stoller)
  10. Vocabulary Building: A Response to Students’ Present & Future Needs (by Fredricka L. Stoller)

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Choutari Team

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