NeltaChoutari, December 2011


Shyam Sharma

Dear Colleagues,

We have a great set of materials for you this month, including entries about the status/role of women in academe, Quality Circles, ELT program building, envisioning one’s role as a teacher, developing your professional learning network,  and a spicy entry on Nepali English!

We hope that you will enjoy the entries and also contribute your thoughts as comments to the posts. It doesn’t matter if you have a grand idea or a related experience that you can quickly share, and it doesn’t matter if you are an expert on the subject and want to add to the author’s idea or if you are not very familiar with the topic and just want to ask a question. It is important to share an idea or experience, to add something to the conversation. With that request, here are the ELT khuraks of this month:

1. “Why Can’t Women Do It?” — a book review and reflection on the phenomenon called the Madam Curie complex, by Sewa Bhattarai

2. “Quality Circle for Life: A Quest for Possibility” — an essay adapted from a conference paper on Quality Circles in education, by Lekhnath Sharma Pathak

3. “Learning-Centered ELT Programs in Nepal” — an article on how to make language classrooms as learner-centered as possible, by Krishna Bista

4. “What-like What-like English?” — an entry that includes some humorous examples of Nepali English in private schools, by Parmeshwar Baral

5. “Knowing Your Role as a Teacher” — an essay about the use of metaphor for developing awareness about the type of role we want to play as teachers, by Bal Krishna Sharma

6. “The Power of Professional Learning Networks” — an essay about the importance, benefits, and process of developing networks for learning and sharing ideas for professional development as teachers-scholars, by Shyam Sharma

Happy reading!



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