NELTA Surkhet – 2010 Updates

by Mukunda Giri, Vice Chair, NELTA Surkhet

Here is a report of the activities that NELTA Surkhet branch did in 2010.  At the end of the entry, you will also find the list of our executive board members.

As last year NELTA Surkhet hosted 15th International Conference in our home town, this year passed without much activities for it remained quite busy in settlement of financial cases and many other aspects.  However NELTA Surkhet could organize few activities as follow:

Dr. Luitel facilitated a session on Writing Thesis or Doing Research on 24th August, 2010 at Mahesh hotel in Birendranagar Surkhet. Twenty five members of NELTA Surkhet were benefited by the program.

Likewise this branch also welcomed the director of Fulbrite scholarship from American Embassy on 28th November, 2010 at the branch office. The acting chair Mr. Mukunda Kumar Giri reported her how NELTA Surkhet is dedicated to enhance the ELT situation in the region including its further expectation and planning.

Mukunda Kumar Giri and Bimal Nepali, the vice chair and the advisor of NELTA surkhet respectively, facilitated one day training at Araniko Boarding school on 21st December. Mr Giri presented on teaching English in Primary school and Mr Nepali conducted for teaching English pronunciation.  There were 30 participants from five private schools along with a government school.

Mr. Yedu Gyawoli, the member of NELTA Surkhet,  was received in an orientation program in Achham where he clarified what NELTA is and how it is working for the enhancement of ELT in Nepal.

Mr. Khagendra Thapa disseminated his learning from Hydrabad training at different government schools.

Mr. Raju chitrakar is going to facilitate a session on 1st January at NELTA surkhet for all its members.


Executive Board:

  1. Chair: Mr. Uttam Gaulee
  2. Vice Chair: Mr. Mukunda Kumar Giri
  3. Secretary: Mr. Lal Bahadur Rana
  4. Secretary: Mr. Ram Bahadur Shahi
  5. Treasurer: Mrs. Bhawona Basnet


    i.   Agni KC 

    ii. Yedu Gyawoli

    iii.  Bisnu Sharma

    iv. Khadga Thapa

    v.  Bidya Kharel

    vi.  Deepen Bhusal


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