NELTA = Novel ELT Activities

Gopal Prasad Bashyal, Chair, NELTA Palpa Branch

There is a large crowd of teachers when NELTA organizes trainings or workshops. It happens so because those events offer novel ELT activities. Likewise, the events are golden opportunities for them to be exposed and build confidence and self-esteem. Since there is horizontal relationship among the teachers, no one feels superior and inferior. Their quality is measured on the basis of their performance. Similarly the events are open platform to learn and to teach, and also a useful network any individuals or institutions can be benefited for their professional enhancement.

As Kheman Singh Rana, the SMC Chair of Divya Jyoti HSS, Kaseni, Palpa remarks after observing a three day workshop for Primary teachers, teaching is a virgin profession and teachers get rewards if they learn to enrich their performance. And NELTA is the best forum that leads teachers towards autonomous, responsible, creative, innovative life long learners so that ultimately they contribute to enhance ELT in the region. The learning takes place through a combination of convergent and divergent thinking, and the teachers perform well because the events provide guidance in selected areas of ELT.

NELTA International Conference brings hundreds of novel techniques and activities every year. The key note speakers, plenary and concurrent session presenters offer the activities that any teachers can practice in their classrooms. There are some novice, some experienced and some experts who have world wide reputation working together and sharing ideas. There is perfect combination of theory and practice, techniques working at zero resources areas to the latest use of ICT.

NELTA publications are research based and based on standard format so that Journal of NELTA is one of the renowned Journals. Even the Branches publish Journals and trying to follow the Central standard. Neltachoutari is really a useful resource for teachers, trainers, and researchers on ELT. The first date of every month is offered about a half dozen articles. Technology has made it possible to manage NELTA activities by the people who are physically at different corners of the world. has been equally useful for both information and sharing ideas.

NELTA has been extended throughout the country and abroad. The Branches mange trainings, seminars and also Conferences where local teachers entertain current classroom practice. For example teaching different skills and aspects of English, teaching chants and rhymes, language games, teaching in zero resources, English sounds, testing and writing test items, addressing textual problems etc. Mostly NELTA offers talks, workshops, trainings, interactions and focuses on participatory approach.

NELTA sometimes goes beyond pedagogy and introduces professional skills like reflective teaching, critical and creative thinking, positive attitude, motivation, mentoring, creative writing, classroom diversity and dynamics, English and Englishes etc. In fact, NELTA vibrates the life of ELT practitioners to attain professional competency by its various activities.      Ì


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1 thought on “NELTA = Novel ELT Activities

  1. i think it is the grand and fully informative notice to the ELT teacher and interested personality.It attempted to give wide and sophisticated ideas and ideology to them who want to keep keen interest in fostering and developing the capacity in English language skills.Actually it is the mast of ship which address the standard paradigm of ELT in simple and lucid language.If the teacher go through the article they certainly grab more things and matters and paradigm in very well and easily ways.Because it is the full of article which are entirely suit with the them of ELT and emotion,feeling.experience of teacher who teach ELT as the language not as the subject.
    I think this sort of article is the result of creative and critical thinking which is necessity of English Language in the present situation.NELTA is playing crucial in this aspect so that it is gradually being expanded throughout the nation and foreign field.International conference is held every year and it is the golden chance to teacher to assemble one place then make interaction about the genuine matters.After that try to reach in conclusion by developing solid reason which can be easily implemented in teaching and learning process in class room.

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