Interview with an English teacher

Hem Raj Kafle

This is a podcast of my conversation with Ms. Ekku Maya Pun. Ms. Pun has been teaching English in Kathmandu University for the last eighteen years. She is a highly respected person among her fellow teachers and students for her dedication and resourcefulness.

The conversation focuses on five main questions:

1) What made you take up English studies and English teaching?

2) Will you share with us at least three important things that you learned from your experience of being an English teacher?

3) How has the scenario of English teaching changed over the years?

4) How do you take the correlation/tension between English Language Teaching and English (Literary) Studies?

5) What are the challenges for English teachers in the next decade?

Please click the following player to listen to the podcast.

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1 thought on “Interview with an English teacher

  1. Dear NeltaChoutari,

    This is an innovative interview taken by ipode or voice recorder on the web-zine. It has really made the Choutari live, unique and innovative. I hope this effort to be continued with the interviews of the teachers from all nook and corner of Nepal. It is better for the Choutari to take interviews from NELTA branches as well. Success stories of our NELTA Branches and teachers would also add flavour to the interviews in my opinion.
    I listened to it and I would like to congratulate Mr Kafle for this wonderful job.
    Praveen Kumar Yadava
    NELTA Birgunj

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