Choutari: September 2010

Welcome to the September 2010 issue of Nelta Choutari! In this issue, we have the following ELT “khurak” for you:

  1. Teaching Teachers: A reflection on training new teachers (by Ganga Ram Gautam)
  2. Teaching is my Passion: A teacher’s reflection on his career as a teacher (by Kashi Raj Pandey)
  3. Professional Development: A teacher’s reflection on how fast time flies and how time may or may not add to one’s development as a teacher (an entry from Hem Raj Kafle’s blog)
  4. Introduction to a book on Teacher Development through Narrative Inquiry (by Karen Johnson and Paula Golombek, downloadable at
  5. A Teacher Learns How Students Learn Best: a Ted video, Sugata Mitra tells of an amazing experience with students’ self-directed learning

Please share your thoughts on these entries. Discussions on this blog have been truly worth being proud of, so let us continue and improve. Thank you for reading and contributing.

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