Choutari April Issue


You are reading the special Surkhet issue of Nelta Choutari April 2010. This issue focuses on the Surkhet segment of Nelta International Conference. We request you to encourage the great work done by our Surkhet colleagues in collaboration with Nelta executives and those who made it to Surkhet for this great event. Please kindly leave a comment–let the conversation continue.

This issue contains:

1. Overview of Nelta Conference in Surkhet (Raju Chitrakar)

2. Lead entry: Networking Matters (a reflection on the success in Surkhet, compiled by Kamal Poudel from materials provided by Mukunda Giri, Uttam Gaulee, Yadu Gyawali, Raju Chitrakar)

3. Teaching Anecdote by Hem Raj Kafle

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1 thought on “Choutari April Issue

  1. First of all, I would like to thank you Kamal sir for your wonderful matters. I strongly agree with you that we have to be concentrated on multiple-centre concept. It is only possible if we find another Kathmandu or Surkhet in future to be gathered and to share the matters. We are the key stakeholders to shape the English scenario in Nepal. We are the one who should be responsible for the achievements or failures of the result of English language situation in Nepal.

    Consequently, another matter which you have raised is ‘diversity’. I also think that diversity is one of the inherent features of any society, classroom or country. Challenging the diversity in the classroom and finding the common factors within the diversity is the role of ours that is what I perceive.

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