Making a Milestone: February 2010 issue

The first issue of our second year, which featured an interview with the President, marked a milestone for monthly ELT discussions on this blog. It is not the technology, the channel, that did the real magic–it is the substance that flowed through this channel, the interest, the contribution you made. This is just a blog, and with the advent of web 2.0 technologies, any individual or a group of people can publish their ideas in mediums like blogs, wikis, discussion forums, etc–that’s not the hard part. The hard and important part is our involvement, the quality and quantity of our discussion, the relevance of the substance to the stakeholders, and a professional culture guiding our  conversations. NeltaChoutari–which has now become a part of Nelta Networking (see entry 1)–has done that magic because a rapidly increasing number of Nepalese ELT professionals have started discussing serious issues here, the traffic has become significant, and despite the technological and material challenges across the country teachers from the branches are directly contributing and participating in the discussions. Let us work together to bring about even more involvement from our colleagues from the branches, the center, and abroad.

This month’s ELT khurak include:

1. Invitation to Nelta Networking Project (by Kamal Poudel, Nelta Secretary)

2. NELTA Surkhet, a Welcome note (by Mukunda Giri)

3. A Teaching Anecdote (by Lekh Nath Sharma Pathak)

4. ELT Resource Development (by Bal Krishna Sharma)

5. Some regular ELT fun stuff

On behalf of the larger Nelta Networking team led by Kamal Poudel and as the person assigned to facilitate the monthly issues and discussions on this blog, I would like to thank Nelta Central Committee for recognizing and expanding the networking possibilities, a vision that everyone of us should appreciate Nelta for.

Please make sure to contribute your suggestions about the networking initiative, especially how we can increase the involvement of our colleagues from the branches. Please also leave suggestions for Bal Krishna about the project on resource building: what resources would best benefit you? And, very important, please take a moment to say hi to Surkhet, or ask a question, or segue into a scholarly ELT issue. Anyway, please write something, for if you expect someone else to comment, too many people will miss one great idea!

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