Third Anniversary Issue (January 2012)



– Shyam Sharma.
First of all, thank you for being with Choutari another year, for contributing your work, for reading, and most importantly for posting your comments and contributing to the discussion. The conversation is key to the forum.
The world of publication is changing–and it should. In journalism, bloggers usually report the news first, and often report it best; so, media outlets tap into the power of citizen journalism. In education, publication is still stuck in slow and often unfairly selective processes that are rather out of sync with how scholars actually learn and communicate with their professional communities; worse, many scholars in the global periphery are locked out of even that exclusive party. The world of educators can be better. Especially in the age of social and professional networking, we can and should actively promote learning by sharing, collaborating and resource-building… and breaking barriers. Just think about it: with one click of a “like” or “share” button a week, one comment a month, and one article a year, you can help build one of the best blog-based professional ELT forums in the region–and, if many other colleagues like you make one small contribution at a time, it could even be in the world!
We should remember that our colleagues across the country continue to have limited access to the web–on top of half a day or more of load shedding–and, in fact, even the relatively privileged among us have limited time and incentives for engaging in professional conversations and resource-building. But if we consider the level of engagement that we have seen nonetheless in the last two years, we can be very optimistic and enthusiastic as well. If we want to inspire one another, we can! And we should.
Looking forward to the fourth year with the hope–in fact, confidence–that as writers and readers, we will all participate with even more energy and enthusiasm, and wishing you a
Shyam, Bal, Prem, Sajan, Kamal, Hem
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  • RDBhatta

    its been a great thing that we are provided with so good and read worthy articles that has been guiding materials for the EL teachers …
    Thanks keep it up!!!

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